Please fill out the adoption application so that we can see what dog is the right match for you. After we review your application we will contact you about scheduling a meet and greet with our dogs. Please give us some time as we are small but mighty. We are working full time as well as taking care of these little lives. A volunteer will complete a home visit before an adoption is final. We love these dogs like they are our own and it gives us peace of mind when we get to see where the new adoptees will be living. Please don't be afraid of a home visit! We will not be going through your drawers or anything like that. We are mainly checking fences!  


Adoption Fees- Fees for dogs over 1 year are typically a minimum of $175 if the vet bills do not exceed that. Dogs and puppies 1 year and younger are $275. Vet bills are high and we use these adoption fees to cover what we spend to get these dogs healthy and ready for adoption.