Little Miss Maggie is a 1-year old, petite, 24-pound beagle who is as sweet as they come.  She has puppy energy to burn so walking her, letting her play in the yard and/or having a friend that will play with would be her dream.  She keeps trying to play with the 11-year old resident dog, and he’s having no part of it!  She is potty trained and will either stand by the door or hit the blinds to let me know she needs out.  She is also pretty darn good on a leash.  Of course, you cannot stop a beagle from walking in the weeds with their nose to the ground; but she is quiet.  She sniffs it out with the best but does not bark or bey.  She does do a little barking inside and outside when she sees a squirrel or when someone comes to the door; but other than that, she is a very quiet gal.  She has not yet met a stranger and has made friends with all (humans) ages from 11 and up.  She just melts into your body when you show her love and talk to her; she just loves to be around her humans!  

She is EXTREMELY food motivated and smart so training and getting her brain working will be helpful.  She already know sit, shake and down.  She is one smart cookie!!!  She is a counter surfer so there cannot be food left at the ends of the counter, or it will no longer be yours.  She is quickly learning (but a work in process) that humans eat at the table, not her.  Right now, she sleeps in her kennel all night without making a peep; but she would absolutely love to sleep next to her human if that’s an option.  She is also kenneled while I’m at work, but I come home to leave her out in the middle of her day.  She loves to play with toys, and she has not chewed 1 thing that she shouldn’t be chewing on!!  She is UTD on shots and is ready for that perfect home.  You will not be disappointed with this little gal!